The two new initiatives, ‘Cathay ChangeMakers’ and ‘World As One’, which have been developed by Social Ventures Hong Kong, are just the start of the airline’s efforts to re-energise its community objectives, which are to deliver positive change in society by collaborating with partners across different sectors to create shared value.

Client: SVhk (Social Ventures Hong Kong) & Cathay Pacific 

Project Management (video production): Enid Chan

World As One

The World As One programme, comprising 15 Hong Kong youngsters, where they served as volunteers to help and serve the needs of the local people in Cambodia last October. Through planned activities – including building new homes for villagers – and facilitated sharing sessions, each participant had the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the challenges faced by communities in the developing world, leading them to have greater empathy with their issues and circumstances.

Cathay ChangeMakers

Cathay ChangeMakers pays tribute to and raises awareness of the work of Hong Kong people who have made a positive contribution to society, while World As One provides young people of diverse backgrounds with a thought-provoking travel experience that broadens their understanding of societal needs and cultivates empathy in their outlook on life.

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